Who is Beauty Planner?

    A person who sells the products. Depends on the position, the planner, manager,
    senior manager, team leader, senior team leader, director, senior director,
    national director and Executive.
    It does not have an employment contract. And as an independent business operator,
    the beauty planner is legally responsible for all sales activities that have
    been judged and engaged in.

    Beauty Planners


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    5 Incredible Benefits of
    Joining with us


      Benefit #1: Business Open to All

      Riman does not discriminate against Beauty Planner's personal tendencies, races, ages, careers, qualifications, etc. Anyone is free to participate in Riman 's business, in addition to the legal minimum conditions to minimize the risk of consumers and Beauty Planner and can take advantage of the business programs offered by Riman.


      Benefit #2: Small Upfront Investment

      Riman business can be started without any ongoing costs except one time registration fee. You could earn as much income as you try, and you can use our resources and systems provided by Riman without requiring any expenses other than subscription fees. Also, there is no need to rent a store or have an inventory burden.


      Benefit #3: Demand for Quality Products

      The products supplied by Riman are developed in consideration of quality, safety, and effectiveness by the best researchers to create a healthy beauty for consumers and Beauty Planners, and are manufactured by CGMP manufacturers, a strict quality control standard.


      Benefit #4: You can earn income while cultivating your healthy beauty.

      Riman supplies a variety of products that can create healthy beauty and develops and supplies not only cosmetics but also
      healthy foods that are the basis of beauty. Beauty Planners can purchase products for themselves at a price lower than
      the consumer price, and they can earn income by introducing them to others and using them.


      Benefit #5: Strong income earning opportunity

      It has a win-win structure compensation system that can grow with Riman's differentiated compensation system, enabling a stable
      profit structure and providing business support with a well-organized operation and education system.