Beauty from the inside out

    Beauty is so much more than what we see on the outside.
    It starts by being strong and healthy on the inside.
    And what you put in your body matters.
    The Lifening product line is all natural and powered by the healing and restorative power of raw materials found in nature.

    Your most beautiful self-starts from the inside out.

    • The one who holds my forehead with hands,
      A warm hug to child who made a mistake,
      Even if you don't remember what you told to him
      His shining appearance clealy takes hold in my heart

      Someone who support my business
      A man who confidently confronts his angry boss,
      Even if you don't remember what expression you made to that person
      His shining appearance clealy takes hold in my heart

      A man who brings fresh richness to five senses
      A person who smiles at the tree even in a sudden shower,
      Even if you don't remember how you looked at him,
      His shining appearance clealy takes hold in my heart

    • a hand upon my forehead

      a place to call my own

      Just some simple kindnes

      To share what I've been given

      This is all I ever wanted from life

      (Snow Patrol - Lyrics of Lifening)

    • Are humans just greedy?
      No, cold data simplifies humans into beings like that, but Lifening doesn't think so.
      Lifening knows. Even the smallest moments of happiness,
      Energy is what you need to fully enjoy its value.

      The energy needed to find happiness
      The energy needed to enjoy happiness
      Today's choice to make that energy is living

      Today's Lifening, creating a tomorrow filled with energy
      Today's Lifening, creating a happy tomorrow

    We are all Lifening.

    • Living with who?

      A world, where you have to live with people any time and anywhere
      Whenever you feel alone, someone is always with you

      Sometime you might deep into loneliness and sadness, but don't forget

      We are always with someone.
      A world that live with many other lives
      It could be little lonely, but it will fully enjoy today

    • What are we living for?

      The standard of life is my own dream in my heart
      It's always a dream to lift us up again

      Sometimes it blocked by clouds, but hopely don’t forget it.

      When dreaming, mind and body are refreshed
      To save my energy with shorten the dream distance,
      and let's cheer up today.

    • Where is your destination for your life

      Life is an endless journey towards an unreachable destination.
      We are the light and companion of someone's journey

      Sometimes we walk the wrong way and comeback.

      We're getting closer to our goal
      Even it felt regret sometimes, let's try to take a step today
      so that we can enjoy the step at the road

    • We are living now.

      The secret to not shaking easily at small things is my strong core
      Even in complex meeting, we can hangout with our surrounding comfortably,

      A person who takes care of street cat and small flower garden, we hope we do not forget,

      True light comes from the mind of that person.
      If we keep continue to care ourself, we can all shine forever

    • We may see Lifening

      Shiny Person - Healthy Person

      A healthy person has strong words with actions, and stable
      A healthy person know how to maintain good relationship with others
      A healthy person see hope in an unstable world
      A healthy person adds a bright light to the world

      Energy that make people happy around
      Energy that make extra bright around the world
      Design your journey with such an energy
      Lifening is with us

    • We can start Lifening

      I'm the only one who take care of my energy
      I'm the only who care my light
      My body is wating for my own behavior
      I can overcome the changes in the world by changing my body

      We have to look back because we're living
      We have to take care of ourselves because we are living
      We can only live now and we can only change now

      Always this moment
      A shining person makes a choice for the present
      Lifening is the moment to choose the action to win the change
      It's a day where you stand and exist

      Every single day is dyed with the inner light that you had built up.
      It is the present progressive, form of life

    Meet Our Brands

    We are all Lifening
    We may see Lifening
    We can start Lifening
    To you who care for the present
    Lifening, to you.

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      RGBR129 G209 B223

      CMYKC46 M0 Y12 K0


      R236 G241 B207

      C8 M0 Y25 K0


      R194 G223 B228

      C26 M1 Y9 K0


    To you who care about the present, Lifening to you

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