It is possible to create stable, effective botanical hair and body care products that deliver real results
    while respecting and protecting our environment. That’s what drives the Botalab brand.
    We’re inspired by our environment, led by science and elevated by responsibility.

    • Botalab

      The Philosophy of healthy life

      Botalab is comprised of premium body and haircare products.
      All are certified vegan and made with 100% essential oils and exclusive raw ingredients.
      It’s time to enhance your body and hair – powered by plants.

    • Botalab

      The Secret of the Dessert

      Powered by Deserticola Our unique Deserticola formula is created from the resilient micro-algae that thrives even in the harshest desert environments.

      By combining the power of science with 25 years of research and sustainably harvested, natural, vegan ingredients, our products deliver the ultimate hydration, strength, elasticity and repair to your hair from root to tip.

    • Botalab


      Collagen fused with Hyaluronic Acid

      Our powerful body care purifies, strengthens and hydrates your whole body – from head to toe.
      The healing, natural ingredients eliminate common skin conditions, while helping fight the signs of aging, brighten skin and improve wrinkles and skin texture.


    Botalab is committed to providing top-quality, vegan products.
    We rigorously source and select only the finest natural ingredients and are committed to ongoing research and development.

    No animal testing. No animal by-products

    Meet Our Brands

    It delivers the energy and vitality of strong plants that grow in barren nature to the skin
    BOTA (Energy & Vitality)

    Deep observation of the great nature plays an important role in developing effective cosmetics through the study of raw materials
    LAB (Observation & Development)

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      RGBR108 G100 B99

      CMYKC56 M53 Y52 K21


    Premium Personal Care Found in Nature


    Fuller, Healthier Hair that Lasts

    Delivering the ultimate hydration, strength, elasticity and repair


    3 Steps to Softer, More Youthful Skin

    Purify, strengthen and hydrate your whole body - from head to toe