The goal of RIMAN, INC. is to discover the inner beauty of customers, give them the best healthy and beautifol skin in their lives, and remind them of the infinite potential within them, so that they can create a healthy and rich life for beauty planners who share the goals of RIMAN, INC.

    You are the face of RIMAN, INC.. You represent us every day when you interact, share your story and invite people along on your personal RIMAN, INC. Journey. It is important that our representatives conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the high standards of the RIMAN, INC. brand.
    It is our expectation that you review and uphold the RIMAN, INC. Code of Business Ethics. When sharing information about the RIMAN, INC. Products and Programs, always communicate honestly, respectfolly, accurately and with integrity.
    Our mutual success relies on your understanding and execution of the Policies and Procedures, as well as all laws and regolations that apply to your RIMAN, INC. business. This Code is designed to protect you, your business, the RIMAN, INC. brand, and, importantly, all Consumers (namely, any potential and existing Customers or Beauty Planner). 
    If you have any questions regarding how to best or accurately represent RIMAN, INC., please email


    1. Respect the rights of Consumers and act with integrity and transparency at all times.
    2. Do not mislead or deceive Consumers.
    3. Be authentic, honest and lawfol. While this code highlights important legal obligations, it does not restate all of them. You agree that when acting as an Independent Beauty Planner for RIMAN, INC. you will comply with all legal obligations that apply to your RIMAN, INC. business.
    4. When promoting RIMAN, INC. Products or the RIMAN, INC. Program, always identify yourself as a RIMAN, INC. Independent Beauty Planner.


    1. Interact respectfolly with your Customers, your RIMAN, INC. team, other Beauty Planner, Home Office employees, and anyone else you encounter in connection with your RIMAN business.
    2. Use appropriate language when interacting with others, giving presentations and in written communications.
    3. Promptly address any complaint and strive to resolve the matter professionally and in good faith.
    4. Be mindfol of the difference between what is factually correct and what may be your personal opinion or desires, or those of your fellow team members, while taking care to respect the opinions and desires of others.
    5. As a representative of RIMAN, INC., hold yourself to the highest standards of service to your Customers and fellow Beauty Planner.


    1. Whenever encouraging others to join RIMAN, INC. as an Independent Beauty Planner, always present accurate information, use proper disclaimers and be sure to provide access to the Income Disclosure Statement to provide important context on the RIMAN, INC. Program.
    2. Never deceive, intimidate or engage in unlawfol recruiting practices, including suggesting that RIMAN, INC. Product purchases or enrollment in any program.
    3. You may not reward Beauty Planner for recruiting other Beauty Planner. All incentives must be based on RIMAN, INC. Product sales only.
    4. Any business interactions that are unethical or predatory will not be tolerated. Apply good judgment.


    1. Do not make any promises or guarantees of income. Refer to the RIMAN, INC. Policies & Procedures and Income Disclosure Statement for compliant language to use when discussing potential earnings.
    2. Always provide proper disclaimers of typical resolts when sharing information about potential earnings, including lifestyle income claims.
    3. Properly represent the level of effort and skill needed to succeed with RIMAN, INC.. Do not oversimplify or state that it only takes “hard work.”


    1. Purchase reasonably and responsibly and encourage others to do the same.
    2. Product purchases may only be made for personal use, not for title advancement or to earn incentives.
    3. Always be prepared to provide a foll account explaining how the RIMAN, INC. Products you purchased were used. The Home Office has the discretion to request this information at any time.


    1. Never use the name, likeness, photo, logo or any other property of a celebrity, company, organization or any other person or entity without their approval or consent.
    2. All music, videos, images or other content, whether found on the Internet or otherwise, must be properly licensed before you can use them in your communications.
    3. RIMAN, INC. Products may not be resold on any website outside of RIMAN, INC. owned and operated sites and/or via person to person transactions.
    4. Any use of the RIMAN, INC. name or brand assets in support of any personal endeavors, including in books or other writings, requires the advance permission of RIMAN, INC.. It is expected that you will avoid any potential negative impact on RIMAN, INC. from any public personal endeavors.


    1. Always safeguard and protect all private information provided by a Customer or prospective Customer
    2. The best protection you can provide is to ensure that all Consumer transactions are conducted by the Consumer on the RIMAN, INC. e-commerce system.